Anti-cancer tips

Someone concerned by cancer asked me recently about what I had learned through my readings and if I could make suggestions.  Although I am not a doctor, I have compiled a lot of information that I’m happy to share and that I feel are safe and from serious sources.

A bit of background: I have blood cancer (CML) but it’s under control, thanks to a miracle drug called Glivec.  My son, Pierre, 12 years old, has also had cancer 2 years ago (yesterday was the second anniversary of the discovery of his cancer).  Ewing Sarcoma in the right foot, right tibia, 2 knees and right shoulder.  4 chances out of 5 of dying, I learned.  But also 1 chance out of 5 of surviving.  And that is the target we chose…  :-/  He has undergone chemo, radio and surgery (amputation of his right leg).  He is good now and full of life, thanks God!  His story is on a blog at (all in French…).

And now we do take great care about nutrition, because I’m sure it helps.  Bad nutrition is probably not sufficient to cause cancer alone.  I think that in most cases, cancer is a multi-causes disease.  The main probable causes seem to be (according to those serious readings I did in the last 2 years):

  1. smoking,
  2. being in contact with cancerous chemicals,
  3. bad nutrition,
  4. stress with a feeling of not being able to react,
  5. lack of physical exercises and
  6. electro-smog (gsm, wifi, and all other micro-waves).

Since it’s very difficult to know what causes are involved in one specific person that has cancer, I think that the best solution, at the individual level, is to work on ALL aspects in order to reduce the probability as much as we can.  These include:

  1. stop smoking if you smoke
  2. review chemical products you are in regular contact with (chemicals related to your job, cleaning products at home, products you put on your skin (perfumes, sun cream, soap…), etc.)
  3. learn how to eat well
  4. reduce your stress (change stress generating situations, learn yoga, meditation, cardiac coherence…)
  5. exercise (the best seem to do light exercises everyday for 20 minutes – like walking, cycling…)
  6. use common sense to reduce electro smog (don’t carrry your gsm directly on your body…)

This may seem a lot at first reading, but if you take your time, you will slowly learn how to live better and you’ll be happy you did.  These suggestions, by the way, are also given for good health, independently of cancer, so they are good habits to learn.

For points 2 and 3, there is an easy way to start: trust “bio / organic” products.  Despite what some say, they are well controlled products and they are much better products than non bio products.  Of course, they are a bit more expensive.  You just have to decide what price you are ready to pay for good health.  And you will augment your eating pleasure, by the way!

To learn more about nutrition, and not only “good quality nutrition”, but also “anti cancer nutrition” (which is a bit more specific), there are 2 books you have to start with:

Both are in English and easy reads.

Another book was also very helpful (although harder to read).  I used it to do mental visualizations with my son:

That’s a very short summary, there is so much more to say, but it’s a start.  Good luck to you!


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